About us

Your Energy Partner was established to help all Australian make the switch to renewables and self generate their own energy.
A Victorian based start up that is owned by everyday Australians

about us

Your Energy Partner

As Australia moves to become one of the most renewable countries in the world, our mission is to have every Australian household generate and sell their own power.
Allowing the little guys to stand up to the big Energy Retailers.

Our Milestones

2018 - Idea phase

Like all great ideas, this came about in the coffee shops and co-working spaces of Melbourne .

2019 - The Launch

Launched our MVP with great interest from customers and investors alike.
Launched to the public.

2020 - The Boom

Operations in 3 states.
Smart Energy Council Platinum Member.
Over 1000+ homeowner assisted with the move to Solar.

2020 - Onwards

Operations across all states and New Zealand.

Development our 100% online platform

Implement our peer to peer energy sharing network

Meet The Team

Jamie Marciniak

Founder & Chief Executive Sales

Cameron Bell

Founder & Chief Executive Product

Paz Tauiliili

general Manager

Jack Lane

Head of finance

Nikki Lamont

operations manager

Ally Darling

Solar Broker

Our Partners

Jamie Marciniak

Co - Founder

With a lifelong career in Solar, Jamies experiences range from heading up individual solar companies, wholesale and distribution to consulting and mentoring.

In his career he has seen the whole industry, from the customers, to the people working in it, shift to a much more professional, regulated and profitable industry. The amount of wholesale or sophisticated investors moving into the sector is growing and pleasantly welcomed.

Jamie is part of several working groups in the industry and often spends his time with other industry titans working on ways to improve the sector.

Cameron Bell

Co - Founder

Cameron has a wealth of experience in scaling businesses through multi-faceted marketing channels, while streamlining operational processes to minimise overheads.

His focus has now turned to renewables as its exponential growth will steadily increase as the cheaper energy alternative to implement.

Cameron is a Partner at C2 Angels, a private VC fund and also sits on the investment committee as an angel investor.

This is the third business Cameron has founded, scaled and turned profitable.​

Paz Tauiliili

General Manager

Jack Lane

Head of Finance

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Nikki Lamont

Operations Manager

Ally Darling

Solar Broker

Ally heads up Your Energy Partner’s broker department, assisting homeowners and business by comparing all energy plans available.​

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